About Us

Our Mission:  To support Craft Persons & Artists who use epoxy resins, through improved, more sustainable resin systems with lower prices. Our  our social mission is in supporting the Golden Apple Art Residency and its visiting artists, located on the Atlantic Coast in Downeast, Maine, with 100% of future profits. 

Golden Apple Art Residency, Harrington, Maine.

Our Commitment:  THE Highest Quality, Greatest Versatility, Most Sustainable AND THE Lowest Price for clear, deep pour and coating resins!

In Brief - How Do We Do It?    

  1. Optimized manufacturing & ingredients
    1. Experienced Chemist, worked decades in Dow Chemical, including their Epoxy Business, since divested to Olin.
    2. Innovation:  Initially aimed at lowering costs with improved products and manufacturing.  Next up? A Breakthrough product!

  2. Lean:

    1. Lean operation: Like Southwest Airlines, or Dow Chemical’s Xiameter silicones business - No frills! You won’t find us answering the phone, or holding your hand. But you will find great products, excellent order fulfilment, superb online instructions & data, and answers to your emailed questions on our FAQs page.

    2. Business Model:  We have lower markups, along with free shipping & state sales tax included in our price! We truly want to help crafts persons & artist MAKERS by providing more economical (as well as improved), more sustainable epoxy resins.  We’d rather sell a bit more great product that is low priced, than too little product that is high priced.

  3. Best-practice packaging & logistics.

  4. Savings passed on to you!

We depend on your word of mouth to spread the news.  

Please say NO to sky-high resin prices! 
& Say YES to Eco-nomicResins.com 


Our Background & Story:

Like you, we are often struggling woodworkers, who got interested in making River Tables & related thick-cast epoxy items.  I mean, they are BEAUTIFUL!

Probably like you, we watched a lot of YouTube & Facebook Videos, & got increasingly interested.  Eventually, we just had to try it, & wanted to start from scratch.  So, we built a unique fast-drying kiln that dries thick 6” slabs of wood in 6 weeks without a dehumidifier;  a 36" chainsaw mill for cutting our own wood slabs & cookies from tree trunks;  a planning table using a powerful router.  We purchased sanding equipment & built a dust collection system. 

Then we looked into buying the thick casting, low-exotherm epoxy resins needed for River Tables, & we choked on the prices!  Holy Sh**!  No wonder River Tables were & ARE so costly!  Prices (1/23) range up to $133/gallon! Fortunately, one of us worked in Dow Chemical for a couple of decades, including a long stint in their epoxy resin business.  One “claim-to-fame” while at Dow was developing the epoxy formulation used for over a decade on the Corvette transverse fiberglass epoxy leaf spring.) 

Eventually, this became our main goal:  to provide epoxy resins enabling others, like you, to make beautiful thick cast epoxy River Tables and related objects more easily, and at a substantial cost savings!  Did we succeed?  Well, you really will be the judges of that.

Eco-nomicResins.com's Mission from the start is to be like "the “Southwest Airlines” of resin formulators. 

This means the lowest priced resin formulations, coupled with the highest quality performance & ease of use. Highest quality. Greatest sustainability. No frillsFun!   

Lowest Delivered Price!

Lowest delivered price is self explanatory, and easy to prove! $59.99/gallon, in 4 gallon kits, including Free Shipping, in the continental USA (extra tor HI & AK). Further, state sales taxes are included in that price!  

This is a significantly lower delivered price than any other supplier of deep pour epoxy resins:  The average price as of January, 2023 for 1-4” deep pour epoxy resin kits in 3-5 gallon quantities is $107.21/gallon including taxes & shipping, across 40 suppliers. None are competitive with our 4 gallon pricing, even when on sale. 

See for yourself.  Check for yourself.  Decide for yourself.  That's now easy to do, with all the key buying parameters in tables, straight from the websites of 40 plus suppliers: "2023 Epoxy Resin Online Buyers Guide for Woodworkers."

With us, there's no need to time your purchases. We have no “sales events.” it’s always the best bargain possible. It's always the best time to buy. 

An epoxy River Table can easily use 10 gallons of epoxy resin or more.  Using our resin system would save you an average of $470 on that quantity of resin!

With or without inflation, we are planning on to maintaining our lowest-price/highest-quality/greatest sustainability position.)

Highest Performance & Greatest Versatility!

Highest Performance  is more of a challenge to prove, and explain, because everyone claims to have the highest performance epoxy resin, but few have any data or idea if that’s really true.  

By highest performance we mean:

  1. Lowest Viscosity for Fewest Bubbles: Our resin is 56%  lower in viscosity than the current market leader in volume & quality (FGCI):  ~185 centipoise mixed viscosity vs. 420 cps for their "Super Clear 2.0".  Others are as high as 800 cps.
    • This means bubbles far more easily rise 56% faster from our 3 to v1  deep pour PRO EPOXY plus PRO HARDENER mix vs. Super Clear 2.0. You’ll experience 56% fewer micro bubbles in your castings without vacuum degassing, though that is always preferable.
    • Pigments & Colorants are easily mixed in.
    • Simple 3 to 1 mix ratio by volume of PRO EPOXY to PRO HARDENER

    1. Most Versatile Epoxy System: The ONLY Three-Part Epoxy System in the industry for clear, thick casting epoxy castings. 
      • 1. PRO EPOXY (A Side);
      • 2. PRO HARDENER (B-Side);
      • 3. PRO ACCELERATOR (C-Side, optional)

        First three part epoxy formulation for woodworkers. Deep pour, up to 4 inches deep,. Adding up to 4% PRO ACCELERATOR turns the deep pour formulation into a countertop coating resin!ith a

      • 1. PRO-EPOXY + 2. PRO HARDENER (traditional 2 part 3poxy) Enable:
        • 4 inch-thick pours at one time!  (vs. 0.5-3 inches for competitors)
          • Thickest in the industry!
          • Coolest curing, lowest exotherm!

      • 1. PRO-EPOXY + 2. PRO HARDENER  + 3. PRO ACCELERATOR (for new 3-part epoxy) 
        In short, PRO ACCELERATOR turns the deep pour formulation into a seal-coat or countertop epoxy formulation;  it also allows you to fine-tune your deep-pour applications if you want to cure a little faster.  No more need to stock 2-3 different formulations!
        • Faster curing for making thin coating like bar top coatings, countertop coatings, seal-coats for edges of River Tables, and castings under 1 inch thick, with no loss in ultimate Shore D hardness!  (Yes, the exotherm is a little higher.)

      • Super-THICK Castings &/or THIN Coatings, all from the same epoxy resin system! Unheard of! 
      • One (epoxy) ring to rule them all!
        • Complete mixing instructions are under our Instructions/FAQs tab.
      1. 100% Reactive Ingredients: We use 100% reactive ingredients: NO solvents including NO benzyl alcohol, and NO plasticizers, including NO nonylphenol.
        • Many competitors use non-reactive plasticizers or solvents like nonyl-phenol or benzyl alcohol. These diluents are added mainly to cheapen systems.  However, nonylphenol is banned in Europe for health reasons (hormone disruptors: testicular atrophy) & are becoming of increasing concern to regulators in the US. They also degrade hardness (pun intended!)

        1. Super Clear, & Colorless: As good as the best. Highest super-wet-look-gloss!

        2. Better or Equal UV Resistance: Less yellowing than most, & as good as the best:
            • Many commercial epoxy River Table resin systems do not add UV absorbers, because they are very costly.
            • Our PRO epoxy resin system incorporates UV Absorbers AND HALS, equal to or better than the best competitors, giving our resins the longest indoor UV stability available with standard epoxy resins based on DGEBA (DiGlycidylEther of Bisphenol A). BOTH are required for best UV protection.
            • Still: None of the typical commercial epoxy systems including ours are recommended at this time for exterior use due to yellowing over time.  Note that typical home window-glass filters most UV out, making UV stabilized resins adequate for most interior exposure.
          For longest term indoor UV stability avoid completely clear castings, or white castings as yellowing from UV & aging will show up there first.