Shipping Related (Always Free for Continental USA):

  • What options do I have for shipping? (See our Shipping Policy under the Policies Menu for full information)
    • Answer: Only one, to keep the business simple and your price as low as possible:  UPS Ground, which typically takes 3-5 business days. (Not possible to ship hazardous materials through UPS via air)
    • Make sure to put in a STREET address for delivery. UPS cannot deliver to a P.O. Box!

Product Related:

  • Why is PRO ACCELERATOR $39.00 for one ten oz. bottle when shipped alone, vs. just $10.00/bottle when shipped with 4 gallon resin kits?
    • Answer: We can save you the most money that way. It is hugely in your interest to select a 4 gallon kit with either ONE or TWO bottles of Accelerator.
      • We expect most people ordering our resin for the first time will choose the kit with ONE ten oz. bottle of PRO ACCELERATOR, so they can not only cure THICK parts, but with the aid of PRO ACCELERATOR also cure thin parts reasonably fast: great for River Table live-edge sealing.
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    • Questions related to Products? See Catalog menu, as well as Instructions/SDS/FAQs
    • How mix? How Degas?  How to use PRO ACCELERATOR with our resin system of PRO EPOXY + PRO HARDENER for thin coatings, as to seal River Table edges prior to the main pour, or for Bar Top Coatings?
      • Answers: See pull down menu for:  Tech: Instructions/SDS/FAQ’s