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a. 4 Gallon Clear Deep-Pour Resin Kit: 3 gal. PRO EPOXY & 1 gal. PRO HARDENER

a. 4 Gallon Clear Deep-Pour Resin Kit: 3 gal. PRO EPOXY & 1 gal. PRO HARDENER

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Highest Quality, Most Versatile AND Lowest Priced Deep-Pour Epoxy!*

Buy this kit if you want to use ALL the resin for the thickest deep pour epoxy castings possible, with the lowest exotherms vs. any other thick casting epoxy kit!  (Includes NO PRO ACCELERATOR). 

  • Up to 4 in. Thick in 1 Pour! (@72 deg. F, 22 deg. C;  24 Hr. Gel Time with No Accelerator Has  Lowest Exotherm of Any Thick Casting Epoxy Resin!)
  • 3/1 Mix by Volume, Resin/Hardener.  100% Reactive.  Zero Solvents.
  • Lowest Viscosity! (Under 200 cps vs typical 400-800 cps Thick Cast Epoxies)
    • Fastest Bubble Release! - Less Need for Vacuum Degassing
    • Incredibly Clear:  Easy Color & Pigment Mixing!
    • Self Leveling & Highest Super-Wet-Look Gloss!
  • Highest UV Resistance:  Contains BOTH UV Absorbers AND HALS
    • As low as 6 Hr. gel time with 4% PRO ACCELERATOR vs 24 Hrs. without (100g mass)
    • Enables Thin Coatings Using Same Resin System, with Very Little Carbamation (Whitening) on Surfaces. 
    • THICK Casting AND THIN Coatings, from Same Resin System!
    • No PRO ACCELERATOR In This Kit.

* $59.99 per gallon resin! - Includes TAX & Free Shipping.  THE LOWEST PRICE for 1-4 gallon kits of clear-thick-casting epoxy resins!

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