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d. Clear-THICK-Cast PRO ACCELERATOR (10 Oz. Bottle): Note: BEST BUY is in Resin Kits $10 vs $39/10 oz. bottle

d. Clear-THICK-Cast PRO ACCELERATOR (10 Oz. Bottle): Note: BEST BUY is in Resin Kits $10 vs $39/10 oz. bottle

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One 10 Oz. bottle (0.61 bs.).:  Enough to maximally accelerate 2 gallons of   Clear Deep-Pour PRO EPOXY/PRO HARDENER mix (with ~4% PRO ACCELERATOR, by weight or volume).  In short, PRO ACCELERATOR provides the option of turning part of a deep-pour epoxy into a coating resin.  One (epoxy) ring to rule them all!

TIP:  It's far more economical to buy this with a 4-gallon resin kit, where it is priced just $10 per 10 oz. bottle, instead of $39 by itself!  (We expect to sell little by itself.)

  • 1-4% PRO ACCELERATOR added to  Clear-THICK-Cast PRO EPOXY/PRO HARDENER mix, enables thinner castings to cure faster (< 1” thick) and can be used for even thin coatings, all with little carbamation, i.e. with little surface whitening during thin cures.
  • Clear Deep-Pour PRO EPOXY/PRO HARDENER Gels faster with PRO ACCELERATOR!   As fast as 6 vs. 24 hours
    • So - still a slow curing resin, but much less slow.  
    • Exotherm is still low, but higher than with without accelerator
      • & Adjustable: See Instructions menu for full details
    • Great for seal coating wood edges of River Tables (Ready for final ~2" pour the next day using no PRO ACCELERATOR for final thick casting); for countertop coatings; and making <1" thick resin castings.  .
    • Note that thin coatings WILL cure fully in 10-21 days even without PRO ACCELERATOR but initial gel times are much longer.
  • Still  3:1 Mix, PRO EPOXY:PRO HARDENER;
  • Still lowest viscosity (<200 cps vs. typical 400-800 cps for competitor's thick-casting epoxy resins):
    • For fastest bubble release! Means less need for degassing resin
    • Incredibly clear, easy color & pigment mixing
    • Self Leveling & highest super-wet-look gloss
  • Still highest UV resistance,
  • NOTE: PRO ACCELERATOR freezes below 70 degrees F (20 deg. C) but is easily thawed with no adverse effects.
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